EHRT’s research focuses on understanding linkages between the built environment and human health. Our work includes studying transportation-related and biomass air pollution, understanding the global health impacts of air pollution and the relationships between multiple exposures mediated by urban form.

Mortality-Air Pollution associations in Low Exposure environments (MAPLE)

The MAPLE study aims to characterize the relationship between mortality and exposure to low concentrations of PM2.5 in Canada through the linkage of updated ambient PM2.5 exposure estimates to national population-based cohorts in Canada consisting of Canadian Census respondents.

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Global Burden of Disease from Major Air Pollution Sources (GBD MAPS): A Global Approach

The GBD MAPS project provides a contemporary and comprehensive evaluation of contributions to the ambient PM2.5 disease burden from source sectors and fuels across 21 regions, 204 countries, and 200 subnational areas.

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Spatiotemporal Analysis of Life Expectancy and 20 Causes of Mortality in Metro Vancouver, Canada

This study quantifies neighbourhood indicators of health to measure inequalities in health and identify clusters of cause-specific deaths in Metro Vancouver, Canada.

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