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Exposure assessment for the estimation of the global burden of disease attributable to outdoor air pollution

Brauer M, Amman M, Burnett R, Cohen A, Dentener F, Ezzati M, Henderson S, Krzyzanowski M, Martin R, Pandey KD, van Dingenen R, van Donkelaar A, Thurston G on behalf of the Outdoor Air Pollution Expert Working Group of the Global Burden of Disease Project. Environ Sci Technol 2012;46(2):652–660.

Named as Environmental Science and Technology’s Science Paper of the Year for 2012, this paper describes high-resolution spatial estimates of global exposure to fine particle air pollution and ozone. By providing truly global coverage at high spatial resolution, these exposure estimates and their use in the landmark Global Burden of Disease 2010 to estimate the disease burden attributable to air pollution, transformed the appreciation for the global health impacts of air pollution exposure, and provides important context of the importance of air pollution as a health risk in comparison to other modifiable risk factors.

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